Follow your guidebook and go about the discovery of Paris through its restaurants, night clubs, cinemas, cabaret shows, theatres, concerts and musicals. All of which combine to make sure there’s never a dull moment for tourists in the City of Light.

Paris is a cosmopolitan city where people of all nationalities are mixed together, this is particularly noticeable from the cultural diversity visible in the city’s districts.
If you feel the need for refreshment from the summer heat, why not dive into one of the city’s swimming pools ?
Or if you feel you’ve taken on a few too many calories, you could always drop in to one of the many gyms or sports grounds.


Above all, Paris remains a city of innovation and creativity.So if you want to experience something original, you could head along to Paris Plage (Paris Beach) and enjoy with Sun on your own or with your family.

Certainly you shouldn’t leave the city without visiting the big department stores, the passageways, the art galleries or indeed the markets, to have really had the whole experience of the city.
Or if it’s more your kind of thing, there are multitude of places to enjoy a walk? Wander through the parks, the zoo, the gardens, along the canals banks or by the river and across the bridges of the capital.

Among the more unusual places that await you are the catacombs, the sewers and the cemeteries… If you have a preference for countryside visits you will easily find lots of magical and historic places to visit in the surrounding region.
So don’t hesitate any longer, come and make your mark upon the city !