Don’t tempt pickpockets. Stay attentive to avoid unpleasant surprises: don’t put your wallet in your back pocket; don’t leave your handbag open; keep your mobile phone out of sight. Don’t always trust strangers who offer their services, go rather to the official desk and make your enquiries or arrangements there.

When possible, you should only use cash distributors that are protected by a door, limiting access to one person at a time. Record the numbers of your traveller’s cheques and banking cards in a safe and separate place. Some hotels and residences have a safe in which you can keep your valuables, either in your room or at reception, you should think about using this service.

If you are the victim of an assault or a break-in, go to any police station (commissariat de police) and make a report of the incident. (See the Paris Tourism Office for a list of the police stations in Paris).

- In the case of an assault, the operational coordination centre of the arrondissement is advised by telephone of the description of the assailant(s), from where the description will be transmitted to all operational officers within the perimeter. An investigation will be launched on the basis of witness reports and comparison with similar cases.

- In the case of a theft, you are directed to the SARIJ centre (Reception, research and judicial investigation service) of the arrondissement. The officer who notes your complaint will also carry out an inspection of the scene. An identification of the suspects will be sought in the police database in cases where fingerprints are successfully taken at the scene of the theft.
The operational coordination centre will transmit all such information to the active units in the area.

Officers on duty will concentrate their rounds and patrols in the area of the crime and inquiries will be made in the neighbourhood the following day at the approximate time corresponding to the break-in. In any case, you will be kept informed of any developments in the case by telephone, by letter or by an intermediary of the local police.

*Source: Préfecture de Police de Paris, don’t hesitate to consult their website: La préfecture de police

Emergency numbers in case of loss or theft of credit cards in France:

Cartes Visa : 0 800 90 20 33
Cartes Diner’s : 0 800 22 20 73
Cartes JCB : 0 800 058 111
Eurocard – Mastercard : 0 800 90 23 90
Cartes American Express (USA) : 0 800 900 898

(Other countries) : 01 47 77 72 00
Traveller’s American Express : 0 800 90 86 00
Stolen chequebooks : 08 92 68 32 08

Don’t forget that in France, the legal currency is the Euro.



36, rue des Morillons 75015 PARIS
Métro : Convention
tél. : 0 821 00 25 25


If you wish to press charges for an assault of which you have been victim, you can have your injuries confirmed by a doctor, 24 hours a day, every day, at Hôtel-Dieu.

- HOTEL-DIEU :Place du parvis de Notre-Dame 75004 PARIS
Metro : Cité

Consult the website of the Paris Tourist Information Office for the addresses of hospitals in Paris. To find out more, click here.