Paris, flavour capital !


Your preferences tend towards refinement and delicacies?

Take a break from shopping and try something exquisite in one of the quietly charming tea rooms.

These establishments devoted to the pleasures of the taste buds are always tranquil and offer home made pastries and cakes, ideal for a moment of calm during a busy day.

For ice cream lovers, a few select addresses offer an exceptional choice of sorbets and ice creams; enjoying one of these by the banks of the Seine is a moment of pure pleasure!


On the website of the Paris Tourism Office , you will find information on a wide range of restaurants and cafés and the specificities and specialities of each. Below is a short list of places where you can satisfy your hunger and give your taste buds a treat!

Some prestigious restaurants in the city hail gastronomy as the 8th art-form. All of the big names in French cuisine have an address in Paris: specialising in traditional dishes and fusions of sweet/sour spices, innovations nothing short of ingenious await you at the city’s renowned tables.

In their role as ambassadors of French cuisine, the great chefs (who are given ratings in the restaurant guides) will receive you in settings that are often as extravagant as the bill.
create a convivial atmosphere.

If you can’t afford to dine there, try one of the lunchtime menus, which are (almost) affordable.
Below are some addresses where you can sample French cuisine. You should also look at the Paris Tourism Office website to learn of other Haute Cuisine restaurants.

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