Paris is a meeting place and today represents a veritable crossroads of national and international exchange.

Temporary exhibitions in the great Parisian museums offer an invaluable opportunity for discovery and cultural enrichment. They allow you to come face to face with rare and exceptional works in a prestigious setting. They alone are worthy of a trip to Paris. The city also hosts outdoor exhibitions: along the Champs-Elysées, the banks of the Seine, or the Champ de Mars, sculptures and unusual objects are frequently displayed.

Around Beaubourg and Saint-Germain-des-Prés, you can appreciate the richness of Parisian art galleries, whether you’re a lover of contemporary, classic, primitive or exotic art, painting, photography or sculpture…

Each year in Paris, more than 1,600 conventions are organised, of which there are 420 international displays open to the general public. The themes are as rich as they are varied: agriculture, the hotel & restaurant industry, antiquities, audio & video, maritime and nautical industries, perfume and beauty-care, well-being, health and diet, automobiles, tourism, home-ware... Paris will satisfy any hunger for novelty. Enjoy your visit!

Numerous exhibitions take place in the great Parisian museums as well as in the specialised museums, but equally in unusual places to bring a new dimension and an element of freshness to the works of artists. To find out more about this you should either ask in one of the museums or simply consult the Paris Tourism Office:

Below are some upcoming exhibitions taking place in the city:



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The New Planetarium

With a completely revamped auditorium and new digital equipment the planetarium at the Cite des Sciences is ready to set off for the stars once again.

The new planetarium uses all the resources of 3D video and can now take the audience on a journey from planet to planet, to visit the stars in the Milky Way and to explore galaxy clusters.
Immersive shows and lecture-demonstrations will alternate, providing a wonderful spectacle while making the science content accessible to all.

(For more information : category "Monuments/Buildings").

To find out more, don’t hesitate to visit the sites of cultural exhibitions. Naturally there are other cultural events around the city, such as fairs, or trade shows. Enjoy your visit!