Paris schools


Paris, capital of knowledge, international exchange and meeting place, offers a multitude of establishments to allow you to follow your studies, and to learn or perfect your knowledge of the language.

French is a romance language spoken in France, Belgium, Canada, the Ivory Coast and 47 other countries. The development of the language is unique, in that it has been studied and optimised by groups of intellectuals (such as the Pleiad) and by institutions (such as the Académie française). It is therefore, an academic language. It is also, nonetheless, a living language and there are those writers who reshape the language simply through their masterful use of it, such as Jean Baptiste Poquelin (Molière); indeed French is sometimes called “the language of Molière”.

Today, it is one of the 20 official languages of the European Union. One of the ways in which French can be acquired is by enrolling in one of the city’s universities, library, bookshop or specialist schools and following your studies through French.

It is possible to participate in various placements and training courses in different fields such as law, art, fashion, cooking… all taught through French and open to foreigners. Come and enjoy the charms of Paris life.