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Keep your eyes wide open!

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At the time of night when some of us are tucked up in bed, others are keeping Paris very much animated. Throughout the four corners of the capital, there’s plenty of choice for the nocturnal among you!

From prestigious jazz clubs to antiquated music halls, latino cafés, karaoke bars and musical bistros, for musical variety Paris has an embarrassment of riches.



Like to dance?

Choose your style among hip-hop, contemporary and classical ballet, salsa, the famous French cancan of the cabarets, or spend a feverish night clubbing on one of the hundreds of dance floors throughout the city. Maybe you’re more interested in rock, afro, techno, zouk, rap, or samba? Every kind of musical taste is represented in clubs, bars and halls around the capital. And if you’re still not sleepy when the sun comes up, you can always head for an “afters” and keep on dancing.

Below are the names of some well known night clubs and jazz clubs in the city. You will find a more comprehensive list of places to bring your friends or go alone on the website of the Paris Tourism Office.


Night Clubs


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    39, Cour St-Emilion 75012 PARIS
    Métro : Cour Saint-Emilion
    Bus : 24,62
    tél. : 0 810 810 410 (N° Azur)
    fax :


      102, boulevard du Montparnasse 75014 PARIS
      Métro : Vavin
      tél. : 01 43 27 56 00

    Dance the tango, the paso, the cha-cha-cha, the bolero and disco in this renowned night spot!


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    2 bis, avenue Foch 75016 PARIS
    Métro : Charles de Gaulle Etoile
    tél. :
    20 – 30 year olds only. Restaurant open every day except Sundays, from 21.00. The restaurant becomes a night club (groove music) Fridays and Saturdays.



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    12, rue de Presbourg 75016 PARIS
    Métro : Charles de Gaulle Etoile
    tél. :

    Club open Tuesday to Saturday from 23.00. Features an unbeatable view of the Arc de Triomphe. Very conventional but elegant décor, bistrot or late-bar kind of atmosphere.



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    32 rue Richer 75009 Paris
    Métro : Cadet
    Tél : 0892 681 650
    fax : .01 44 79 98 90

    Predominantly a house music and gay club scene. Sundays are showy in this club, with spotlight dancers, salsa, house.


    Jazz Clubs

    25 rue Buci 75006 PARIS
    tél : 01 44 32 16 00
    fax : 01 44 32 16 09

    The Frank ASH, Richard RAUX and Andre CLAUSS trio. Wednesday and Thursdays concerts from 22.00. Fridays and Saturdays from 22.30.



    13 rue St Benoît 75006 PARIS
    Tél : 01 45 48 81 84

    This used to be the "Club Saint-Germain". Features very good orchestras, such as the Claude TISSENDIER swing orchestra, or the George ARVANTIAS trio.


    5 rue Huchette 75005 PARIS
    tél : 01 43 26 65 05
    fax : 01 40 51 71 70

    This club has seen everything since it was opened in 1947. A historical rendezvous for lovers of the New Orleans style. A place to go to listen to some jazz, have a drink and dance.


    7 rue Petites Ecuries 75010
    Tél : 01 45 23 51 41
    fax : 01 42 46 24 38

    Open Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Concerts from 22.30 with Archie SHEPP on sax and Mike STERN on guitar.


    21 bd Sébastopol 75001 PARIS
    Tél : 01 42 33 22 88

    An rendezvous not to be missed for lovers of jazz. Features the Franck Avitabile trio, Aldo ROMANO or Misja FITZGERALD-MICHEL.

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    Other entertainment destinations around the city include sports, festivities and festivals, cinema, and of course the shows (cabarets, classical, theatres and concerts)!