Nothing could be easier! Paris has a wide range of accommodation options for you to choose from.

Youth hostels are ideal for those who need to stick to a tight budget during their stay, equally there are student apartments, university campus residences, outdoor camping (on the more fun side of things), guest houses and bed & breakfasts, apartment exchanges and hotels – which are easy to book thanks to reservation centres that will help you find a hotel that corresponds to your needs:

Youth hostels, Hostels are the perfect place to find a friendly atmosphere. You will be sharing a 4, 6 or 8 bed dormitory with shared bathroom facilities. The level of comfort is basic but it’s possible to get breakfast, there is a checkroom where you can leave you baggage and some establishments have two bed dormitories. Bear in mind when making your booking that youth hostels in Paris are not mixed and that during the high season there is usually a limit on the duration of your stay, so that everyone can enjoy the city!

  • Auberge internationale des jeunes
    10, rue Trousseau (11°)
    M° Bastille
    Tel: 01 47 00 62 00

  • Auberge de jeunesse Jules Ferry
    8, boulevard Jules Ferry (11°)
    M° République
    Tel: 01 43 57 55 60, fax:01 43 57 55 60

    Auberge de jeunesse d'Artagnan
    80, rue Vitruve (20°)
    M° Porte de Bagnolet
    Tel: 01 40 32 34 56, fax: 01 40 32 34 55

    Auberge de jeunesse Athos
    52, rue Robert Schuman, 91200 Athis-Mons
    RER: Athis-Mons
    Tel: 01 69 84 81 39

    Auberge de jeunesse de la Cité des Sciences
    24, rue des 7 Arpents, 93 Le Pré St Gervais
    M° Hoche
    Tel: 01 48 43 24 11

    Auberge de jeunesse Léo Lagrange
    107, rue Martre, 92 Clichy
    M° Mairie de Clichy
    Tel: 01 41 27 26 90

You can find the full address and details of the hostels on their websites: youth hostels. Click here if you are interested in staying in a student house.

In partnership with the ACCORD LANGUES French language school, there exist several accommodation alternatives for foreigners who wish to learn French:

Staying with a family : For those who wish to stay in a warm, familiar environment and learn something of French family life, staying with a family is a dream come true.

Please note : the option of staying with a host family is only available to students of French as a foreign language (FLE).


Centre International de séjour de Paris : The residences of the C.I.S.P, situated in the south of Paris, offer simple rooms with the option of breakfast or half board.

  • The "Kellerman" residence is situated at Porte d’Italie in a lively quarter of Paris, just a few metro stops away from the Latin Quarter and Beauburg.
    Metro : « Porte d’Italie » (ligne 7)

  • The "Ravel" residence is situated near the Bois de Vincennes and the Paris Bercy Omnisports Arena, just beside the Olympic swimming pool.
    Metro : “Porte Dorée” (ligne 8). A straight line on the metro all the way to our school.

  • For further information, consult the sites appearing in the category "Accommodation"

    For further information don’t hesitate to contact ACCORD :

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