Little is as important as a good tourist guide to ensure that you spend an enjoyable time in Paris, such as we have tried to provide here. So don’t wait any longer, come and discover the magical places that numerous famous characters have made renowned as the City of Light.

You will see Paris from a different perspective, gain an appreciation for the city and learn why it enjoys such international celebrity. Make the most of your time here by getting involved in the culture of Parisian life, meeting people and maybe even making lifelong friendships.






With 80.000 more visitors than in 2006, the Eiffel Tower welcomed nearly 7 millions of people in 2007 (6.893.000 exactly). Among them were more than 2.000 students from ACCORD School !



Monuments and Museums

Discover the monuments and museums that take pride of place in the Paris.
Also, don't miss out on the chance to explore the surrounding region.

Studying in Paris

For the studious among you, there are many schools throughout Paris. Whether you’re interested in learning French or another subject there is an embarrassment of choice in the capital.

Going out in Paris

Cinema, theatre, cabaret, night clubs, sports venues...
Paris is replete with activities to keep you entertained.


Looking for an efficient mode of transport to get about in the capital ? Find out about the different possibilities.