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The university restaurants (called “restos U”) are located around the major Parisian universities. If you are a student and have your university card, you can get a full meal in one of the restos U for €2.60.

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is accepted too: you will be issued with a ticket which you can use to buy a meal, but the price is a little higher. If you want to invite a friend, there is no problem, but the price is a little higher again at €6.00. Certain restos U are open in the evenings, at the weekend and during the university holidays. Paris has 16 restos U and about a dozen cafeterias.

For example, there are restos U at ASSAS (PARIS 06), BICHAT (PARIS 18), BULLIER (PARIS 05), CITE UNIVERSITAIRE DE PARIS (PARIS 14), CUVIER JUSSIEU (PARIS 05) and elsewhere.

Consult the Paris Tourism Office website for further addresses. These establishments are managed by the Crous of Paris if you need further information (particularly regarding dietary requirements) you should consult their website.


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Want to communicate with someone on the other side of the world, surf the net, or check your mail while sipping on a soda or having a light meal?

In cyber cafés, you can take advantage of attractive rates for broadband access (the minimum charge is generally for half an hour) with printing, fax and scanning facilities. If you are a newcomer to the internet, you will be able to seek advice from the staff. Internet cafés are generally open late in the evening (roughly until 01.00).

Below are the addresses of some internet cafés. You will find further addresses on the website of the Paris Tourism Office.


Open Monday to Friday 11.00-21.45 and Saturdays 14.00-21.45. Closed Sundays.

30, rue de la Grande-Truanderie 75001 PARIS
Métro : Etienne Marcel
tél. :


RATP provides its cutomers with “bouquet” posts in each of the train stations, with free access to the internet.


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Open 7 days/week, from Monday to Friday 09.00-23.00. Saturdays and Sundays 10.00-19.00.

Rates: charged by the minute, by the hour or prepaid for a set period with no minimum connection fee.

4bis, rue Michel Chasles 75012 PARIS
Métro : Gare de Lyon
tél. :
fax :



XS-ARENA, 3 cybercafés in the heart of Paris
(Les Halles, Luxembourg, Saint Michel), open 24H/24

110, boulevard Saint Germain 75006 PARIS
Métro : Odéon
tél. :

Le Carnet Gourmand

Find a guide to all of the restaurants that subscribe to the Tourism Office and the Congrès de Paris with the Carnet Gourmand!


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Published in association with the Société des Bonnes Tables (Good Dining Society), this illustrated, bilingual (French & English) guidebook will prove useful in your search for a good place to eat.

Over 200 restaurants are listed, classed by arrondissement, many of which subscribe to the Tourism Office or the Congrès de Paris.

The guide will give you an indication of the setting, atmosphere and culinary specialities of each restaurant, as well as accepted methods of payment, opening hours and any extra facilities offered, such as access for handicapped persons, terraces, wine cellars, parking, etc.

If you are dining on a budget, you will be interested in the price indication for each restaurant, which divides establishments into three categories: average menu below €30.00, average menu below €45.00, average menu above €45.00.

You can pick up the Carnet Gourmand for free at any branch of the Office de Tourisme or the Congrès de Paris. Equally, it can be found in any of the restaurants that are featured in the guidebook, as well as in many hotels.

For more information : category "Eating out".