The procession of the seasons, the changing of hues, the coloured skies and changing light; each season brings a new enchantment to Paris - whether the sun is caressing its golden façades or the city lights are mirrored in rain.
Taking a romantic walk or going to a party; when you make a plan of how to spend your time in Paris, take into account the time of year and the capricious weather.


> Spring
(21 March - 21 June)
> Summer
(21 June - 21 September)
> Autumn
(21 September – 21 December)
> Winter
(21 December - 21 March)

Daily weather report / forecast

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Air quality in Paris

The air in Paris is far from being irrespirable; far less polluted indeed than, for example, Athens, Mexico City or London, nicknamed “big smoke”.

Poor air quality, however, should not be ignored; it creates bad smells, can provoke respiratory problems and contributes to the degradation of monuments. This is why the City Hall of Paris has is determined to reduce the traffic pollution and let the city catch its breath.