The department stores

Accompagnied shopping visits

Nowadays, you have the option of a new kind of shopping activity:

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Making an accompanied shopping visit means going to visit the workshops of clothing and accessory creators, attending private fashion shows or hair and make-up courses.

Shopping tours and thematic visits, available in several languages, will guide you through the lighthouse districts of fashion: haute couture or prêt-à-porter and creation, such as Avenue Montaigne, Saint-Germain-des-Pres or Le Marais. Lovers of antiquities or of discounts are not forgotten either, with specially conceived itineraries. These tours will allow you to become an informed buyer, a real connoisseur!


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The “design trail” is a shopping circuit that will allow you to discover the places where clothes are created, the decoration and design boutiques, the galleries, the designer show-rooms. It offers lovers of creation the chance to meet those at the forefront of design in Paris.



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LA MODE LE CLUB offers a fashion and beauty course adapted to each woman. Programmes for small groups in make-up workshops, theme shopping and other fashion and beauty services are also available.


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An unusual and personalised service, designed for groups or individuals to discover the charm and creativity of Paris. Itineraries are adapted to the wishes of the participants, are constantly being renewed. They are based on the themes of fashion, home decoration, antiques, delicacies.


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58, rue Tiquetonne 75002 PARIS
Métro : Etienne Marcel
tél. : 01 40 41 01 82
fax : 01 40 13 05 79 Because Paris is a by-word for creation and luxury, the UUU Circle, its private card and its guide will open their door for you to the world of Parisian prestige. A veritable VIP, you come across the “must-sees” and the difficult to find of fashion, beauty and design. Travel between a selection of addresses for sharp, trendy shopping and the emblematic quarters of the capital.


The sales

You might just be lucky enough be passing through the capital during the sales periods, which take place twice a year: after Christmas (January / February) and at the beginning of summer (June / July).

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Make the most of the good deals and reductions, mainly concerning fashion (clothes, shoes, accessories), but also effecting house clothes and thousands of other items.

The sales can not last longer than six weeks in any period. In Paris, each period lasts a month and they come about in winter and summer amid a tumultuous atmosphere. In the sales period, stores may open on Sundays.

Make the most of shopping, you should also take a walk through the markets (covered, open, organic…) and through the passageways and galleries where you could find a rare pearl in the heart of Paris.